Mercedes Key Replacement Services by Trilock Locksmith

Losing your car key can lead to an extremely stressful condition. The stress doubles up if you have lost the key of your Mercedes cars. Since the key of a luxury car such as Mercedes requires to be programmed before it could be used; hence, losing its key can lead to even more troubles.

You can avoid all these troubles by getting Mercedes key replacement services from a reputed locksmith company. With having such a key in possession, you will never face the issue losing your Mercedes key and facing all the hassles that come along with such a situation. For example, finding a reliable locksmith can prove to be difficult if you have lost your key right before an important meeting or during a road trip. Although most locksmiths now offer round the clock services yet finding the right one, at the right time, can prove to be a difficult feat.

When getting a replacement key made for your Mercedes, it is important to trust on professionals only. If you are living in Charlotte NC area or surrounding cities, you have a wide range of options for getting a replacement key made for Mercedes. However, no company can match the standards and quality of services set by Trilock Locksmith.

At Trilock Locksmith, we proudly offers an array of locksmith services. Not only we excel in repair all types of doors in different settings but also excel in providing reliable key replacement services of luxury cars such as Mercedes.

These are some of the factors that set us apart from our competitors. Have a look at them:


We believe in working with full professionalism. Our aim is to satisfy our clients with our professional services. Therefore, we have trained all our locksmiths to offer locksmith services with enhanced professionals and efficiency.

Premium Quality Services

Our services are premium quality. If you are getting a replacement key for your Mercedes from us, then rest assured that you will be served with nothing but the best that too without taking a long time.

Use of State of the Art Gears

We use state of the art gears and tools to design and program replacement keys for luxury cars. Our experts program the key using the latest systems so that you can use them without any hassle

Experienced and Expert Locksmiths

The major reason behind the huge success we enjoy in Charlotte NC area and surrounding cities is our experienced and expert locksmiths. They are professionally trained and have the required skills and expertise to design and program replacement keys for all luxury cars including Mercedes.

Economical Rates

Another factor that set us apart from rest of the companies is our economical rates. We believe in offering complete value for money to our clients.

For more information, feel free to contact us at any time. You can call us at 980-833-4484 or email us at

Mercedes Key Replacement Faqs:


Q: Do locksmiths make keys for Mercedes?

A: Yes, Trilock Locksmith makes keys for Mercedes in the Charlotte, NC area.

Q: How do I get a spare key for my Mercedes?

A: Four ways you can get a spare key for your Mercedes

  1. Auto Locksmith
  2. Insurance Provider
  3. Mercedes Dealership
  4. Garage

Q: Can a locksmith program a Mercedes key?

A: Yes, Trilock Locksmith can program a Mercedes key with the help of your vehicle’s VIN number.